Friday, 1 April 2016

Choosing ICT Resources

Here are some links to help you select ICT resources: 
How to choose the best EdTech tools for online instruction: This site has a 5 step model for edtech integration 
- How to Choose the RIght EdTech Tools for Your Classroom: This site gets teachers to ask some specific questions to help them decide if it is an appropriate tech tool for the lesson.
- National Institute of Health - What is your selection criteria for choosing internet resources: While not education based, it lists out a wellrounded list of criteria to consider when choosing a tool. 
EdSurge Product Index : Database of resources that has been crowdsourced. Teachers can search by age and category. Each resource is discussed based on strengths and weaknesses. 
Graphite - A database that outlines pros and reviews by experts from Graphite as well as teacher reviews. 

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