Friday 6 May 2016

Shift from Students as Consumers to Creators

Shift from Students as Consumers to Creators
Mid-Term Impact Trend: Driving Ed Tech adoption in K-12 education for three to five years
Key Points:
  • The action of creating content over consuming content a growing trend
  • New mobile technology supporting content creation
  • Social media apps on the rise → quick informal sharing of stories
  • Game development and programming key to creation trend
  • Digital tools support creativity and production skills
  • Apps streamlining the process of creating, editing, and publishing for tutorial making
  • Creating can make a complex concept easier to explain
  • Video tutorials allow teachers to share content → teachers need the confidence to create them
  • With increased content creation, issues around intellectual property more prevalent
  • Need to educate schools, students and teachers in copyright and fair use
  • Acceptable use policies need to protect student creations
Further Suggested Reading:
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