Saturday 6 August 2016

Introduction - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Hi all, 
Great to see familiar names/faces popping up in the introductions already :) Hard to believe the journey is coming to an end so quickly! I'm finishing off my last 2 courses for my Masters of Education (Information Technologies) this term. I'm also taking  Educational Leadership in Contemporary Organisations. I'm looking forward to reflecting over the past year and a bit and really seeing how my thinking and practice has evolved. 
I'm currently living and working in Singapore at an international school as the Education Technology Coach. I've been in the role a year now and prior taught Year 5 for 2 years at the school. I have also worked in Beijing, Toronto and briefly in Japan. 
Mishra & Koehler's TPACK has been a reoccurring theme in my courses helping us think about how technology is integrated and the need for multiple types of knowledge to ensure effective integration. Vygotsky has always been a key player in my educational career. It has been nice to look back on a lot of educational theorists such as Howard Gardner, Jean Piaget,  and then learning new theorists such as George Siemens and his connectivism theory. As an education technology coach, this helped me think deeper into how students, teachers, and our communities are connected locally and globally and how we can best use these connections to develop a broader and more meaningful understanding of topics studied. 
Congratulations everyone on making it to their last course and best of luck this term! :)

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