Sunday 9 April 2017

Topic 3 Discussion

Read the analysis that we have supplied on e-reserve for you and note conclusions about the nature of moral judgements which resonate with you.Describe the characteristics which comprise your sense of your moral intuition at this point in time
In the case mentioned, there was a want to silence freedom of expression that did not align with the goals and thoughts of the organisation with the thought that it was damaging to the school. This makes me think of who’s ethics are we using when making decisions and what are we willing to sacrifice to do it? Thus it is important that leaders and followers have a shared mission and vision that all work towards.
I think that freedom of expression and thought should always be allowed provided that it is done in a respectable manner (following the Golden Rule (Strike, Haller & Solitis, 2005, p.17). It would seem challenging as a school leader to constantly have to reflect on whether the decisions follow the Principle of Benefit Maximization.
Characteristics of my moral intuition:
  • Commit to being a voice for social justice and represent underrepresented or poorly represented perspectives
  • Lead with integrity, reliability and honesty
  • Be professional in actions and words
These have been adopted because of experiences, family influence and colleagues to help define my own morals.
Strike, K., E. J., Haller, J. F., & Soltis (2005). The Ethics of School Administration(pp.7 – 20; 37-44; 60-64; 81-85; 109-115). New York: Teachers College Press.

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