Friday 18 December 2015

Affordances with Technology

With so many software and hardware resources available for education, it is important to be able to navigate through them and choose the right tool for a given job. Any task can be done many ways with many tools, but some resources may be a better fit for the learning outcome students are trying to achieve. As educators, this can be a challenging task of sifting through the clutter.

According to Bower (2008), there are a number of different affordances for educational systems. Below are some for some resources:

- iMovie - Media affordances as it allows for audio, visuals, video, and text to create a video product.
- GarageBand - The media affordance allows for the creation of music.
- Google Docs - The usability is easy for collaboration, it can allow for media usage within the documents and the sharing functions all for access-control affordances.

The complete list of affordances are:
- Media affordances
- Spatial affordances
- Temporal affordances
- Navigation affordances
- Emphasis affordances
- Synthesis affordances
- Access-control affordances
- Technical affordances
- Usability
- Aesthetics
- Reliability

By using these affordances, an educator can think critically about the use of a tool and why it is a good choice for a specific task.


Bower, M. (2008). Affordance analysis – matching learning tasks with learning technologies, Educational Media International, 45(1), 3-15. DOI: 10.1080/09523980701847115

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