Thursday 31 December 2015

Legally Shareable Music - Free Music Archives

Find at least one website that provides teachers with digital materials for your discpline area that are copyright free and able to be legally shared. You might like to check out, or the Creative Commons licensing system to help you be sure.

As an Education Technology Coach, I support a lot of my students in making films using iMovie. iMovie comes with a set bunch of songs, sounds and jingles that can be used within the film. However, after a few films, students seem to continue to choose the same song, making it a little bit repetitive as a teacher.

One of my favourite resources is Free Music Archive. It has thousands of songs that can be legally downloaded and are Creative Commons licensed. Students can search songs by artists and genres but also by mood to help the music best fit the theme of the film.  This also allows me the opportunity to teach students how to properly credit the artists of the songs at the end of their films.

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