Monday 9 November 2015

A Simulation Resource

We used MineCraft in Year 6 this past year as a simulation. There were 3 tribes that had 3 separate pieces of land within a given world. Ultimately the game was to survive. The teams started by fighting each other and stealing things from the different places of the world. Eventually some started to form government and systems to have a more civil environment where it was easier for all to thrive. It was interesting to hear about the different types of government that came out of the experience as well from dictatorship to democracy. 
The unit was about types of governments. The best part was the teachers had to do little input but rather let the students explore and learn through inquiry. As they needed information, the teachers would support them or the students would research information. These types of experiential learning opportunities are very important for students and allows them to engage with the learning in a meaningful and memorable way... plus it is fun!

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