Monday 9 November 2015

Google Docs & GAFE

We are a GAFE school as well. There are a ton of great resources on You may want to consider doing some of their online modules or even becoming an Google for Education Certified Innovator or Trainer. Both of these opportunities completely extends your professional learning network and resources. I've learnt a ton by becoming these two things. 
While I agree with professional development as being important and necessary, I think the most important thing is for teachers to be willing to be risk takers in the classroom with technology. Our students will often figure it out way before the teachers do but we also need to give the students the opportunities to figure it out and be okay with knowing less than they do. 
Last year I had 2 techsperts as class jobs. These students were the go to people for my students, which also meant that I had more time to work with my students instead of solving problems. You may even want to have your students build some of the resources for the teachers. We can learn a lot from our students and it helps to develop a whole school learning community. 

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